The Jamaica We Want: Vision 2030 Jamaica, Advancing the SDGs....Leaving No One Behind

Zero Hunger

SDG 2 focuses on ending hunger and malnutrition, increasing agricultural productivity and ensuring food production systems are sustainable.

Municipalities in both urban and rural areas are key policy-makers in pursuing food security and sustainable agricultural practices. Local governments in rural areas can apply practices to support local agricultural production and promote local food chains. Water and transportation policies are crucial factors in this. Local governments in urban areas can implement policies that reduce food waste, facilitate food transport and availability in communities and support urban agriculture production.

Child malnutrition can be effectively monitored and addressed by local governments in both rural and urban areas through school nutrition and educational programs. As populations continue to grow and become increasingly urbanized, sustainable agricultural practices that make effective use of available land, both rural and urban, will be vital tools in achieving food security and a healthy population.

The policies related to this goal in this platform demonstrate practices that promote food security, improved nutrition and sustainable agriculture in our member cities.